About Us

Olive Creek Furniture specializes in custom-built cabinetry and furniture for today’s most distinctive home interiors. Master-craftsman and designer, Larry Hammond, can match and complement all styles — working with builders, architects and interior designers to provide finished, installed pieces that integrate seamlessly with surrounding elements and surfaces. From the first drawing to the final delivery, Olive Creek Furniture stands for carefully considered quality and detail — made with skill, by hand, in Northern Michigan.

The Process

Every successful project begins with thoughtful design — and at Olive Creek Furniture, we start by listening to your unique vision. 

We then consider the details of your space and create a fully custom solution with the distinct mark of hand-crafted quality. The result is genuine furniture and cabinetry we’re proud to build — and you’ll be delighted to own.

Our tightly knit team works together under one roof: selecting only the finest materials and then meticulously building your custom cabinets from the ground up. While we strive to consider even the smallest detail as we work, we’re also committed to making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our customers.

We’re proud to be the preferred choice of many of the region’s leading architects, designers and builders. Maybe it’s because we deliver fully finished pieces straight to the site, built to exacting specifications and conclude the process by installing.

Whether it’s ensuring the edge of a piece matches the unpredictable contours of a reclaimed brick wall or maximizing storage with unconventional sizes where space is at a premium, every Olive Creek Furniture project is different — because every space is uniquely yours.

Larry Hammond Sanding
Larry Hammond at work